UPDATE: AAA Branches are open to the public with increased safety measures. Face coverings are required for all branch services at this time.

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Automatic Renewal

Never begin a day without AAA.

Why sign up for automatic renewal?

Why sign up for automatic renewal?

As a AAA Member, you know we’ll always be there for you when you need us. When you sign up for Automatic Renewal, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your AAA Membership will never lapse because your renewal is automatically charged to your credit or debit card. And don’t worry—you’ll still get a statement as a reminder before the charge hits your account.


Renew & Save

Received a renewal statement?

When renewing your membership, make sure the Automatic Renewal box is checked. Receive your $5 savings immediately.

Enroll & Save

Sign up at any time

Go to the AAA Membership section of your online account, and select “Enroll in Automatic Renewal.” Check the box and enter the credit card you want to be charged annually. Receive your $5 savings on your next renewal.

Update Settings

Need to update your credit card information or change your renewal settings?

Manage your settings from the “AAA Membership” section of your online account.