UPDATE: AAA Branches are open to the public with increased safety measures. Face coverings are required for all branch services at this time.

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AAA For Kids

When kids learn how to be safe near traffic, they’re more likely to continue responsible traffic safety behavior as an adult.

School Safety Patrol

Build and grow a AAA School Safety Patrol in your school. Get our catalog, order patrol equipment, or find guidelines and resources from our School Safety Patrol website.

From car seats to bike safety and beyond, AAA Carolinas has safety, education and awareness resources for getting children to school safely, helping them stay safe as pedestrians, while taking the school bus, and into their teens when they become new drivers.

Get more information on Child Passenger Safety on the AAA SafeSeat4Kids website.

Order Patrol Equipment

We have the safety products you need to build a AAA School Safety Patrol at your school. View all safety products here and then complete and return the Safety Products Order Form. For inquiries about your order, contact the Traffic Safety Department at AAASafetyOrders@aaacarolinas.com, call us at 888-274-4459 or submit questions here.

Car Seat Safety Guide

Child safety seats can reduce the risk of injury by 82% compared to seat belts alone, but they must be installed properly.

Heat Stroke Prevention

More than half of heat stroke deaths occur when a caregiver forgot a child was in the vehicle. Get safety tips on how to prevent tragedy.

Backover Prevention

Safety experts advise education, supervision and vigilance to help keep children out of harm’s way and reduce risk of backover.

Driving Schools

AAA Carolinas offers a variety of driver training solutions that promote safe and responsible driving.

School Safety Patrol Program

The AAA School Safety Patrol program gives students in North and South Carolina a chance to make a difference in their school and community. Students learn leadership and organizational skills, responsibility, and the importance of being a good role model.

Starting your AAA School Safety Patrol program is easy. Visit our School Safety Patrol site for policies and practices necessary for a School Safety Patrol. Standard operating procedures in all safety patrols are key for motorists and pedestrians to know what to expect.

Educators and Parent-Teacher Organizations: Sign your school up for AAA Safety Patrol